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  1. Actinellopsis  J.C. Taylor, B. Karthick & Kociolek 2014


  1. Gomphonema gandhii B. Karthick & J. P. Kociolek  2011
  2. Gomphonema diminutum B. Karthick & J. P. Kociolek  2011
  3. Gomphonema difformum B. Karthick & J. P. Kociolek 2011
  4. Pleurosira indica B. Karthick & J.P. Kociolek 2011
  5. Spicaticribra kodaikanaliana B. Karthick & J.P. Kociolek 2011
  6. Urosolenia curvata B. Karthick & J.P. Kociolek 2011
  7. Urosolenia extensa B. Karthick & J.P. Kociolek 2011
  8. Pleurosigma lange-bertalotii B. Karthick & J.P. Kociolek 2012
  9. Surirella lange-bertalotii B. Karthick, P.B. Hamilton & J.P. Kociolek 2012
  10. Nitzschia taylorii B. Alakananda, P.B. Hamilton & B. Karthick 2012
  11. Nitzschia williamsii B. Alakananda, P.B. Hamilton & B. Karthick 2012
  12. Gomphonema tamilensis B. Karthick & J.P. Kociolek 2012
  13. Gomphonema lacusrankaloides (Gandhi) B. Karthick & J.P. Kociolek 2012
  14. Diploneis fenestrata J.C. Taylor & B. Karthick 2014
  15. Actinellopsis murphyi J.C. Taylor, B. Karthick & Kociolek 2014
  16. Actinellopsis giraffensis (Siver, A.P. Wolfe & Edlund) J.C. Taylor, B. Karthick & Kociolek 2014
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  19. Rhoicosphenia indica E.W. Thomas, B. Karthick, & Kociolek (2014)
  20. Rhoicosphenia gandhii E.W. Thomas, B. Karthick, & Kociolek (2014)
  21. Gomphonema jüttnerii B. Karthick, R. Nautiyal & J.P. Kociolek (2015)
  22. Gomphonema doonensis B. Karthick, R. Nautiyal & J.P. Kociolek (2015)


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  1. Oil Rig of the Future: A Solar Panel That Produces Oil – Scientific American (pdf)
  2. Gasoline for Keeps? Scientific American – India (pdf)


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